Cargo Cult Part I: The Cargo That Made The Cult

Imagine a tribesman sitting outside his hut who had only seen what his island provides. He lives his life almost in a day to day basis as all of his needs are provided by nature and his tribe. They hunt and gather for food and participate in communal rituals to appease spirits to lean the odds of life towards their favor. There might be some conflicts … Continue reading Cargo Cult Part I: The Cargo That Made The Cult

Fighting Men: Capoeirista

A capoeirista is what a person who practices the Afro-Brazilian martial art capoeira is called. He is expected to combine the three elements of dance, acrobatics, and music in displays and sporting bouts. But the capoeira that most of the world knows today is vastly different from what the originators of the fighting art had. Because before the inclusion of the bateria of berimbaus, pandeiros, … Continue reading Fighting Men: Capoeirista